We're inviting brewers and venues Australia wide to rise up in celebration of great Aussie beer.

You can search for events in your home state by clicking on the tabs below.

Join in dozens of celebrations of Aussie craft beer on February 28.

After launching with 100 events in February 2014, we’re back with a second Craft Beer Rising on February 28, 2015.

The Crafty Pint is inviting brewers, venues and beer lovers to come together at their local breweries, bars and bottleshops to raise a glass of locally brewed beer in honour of the revolution sweeping the land.

The idea is simple: people that brew or sell craft beer in Australia register an event and those that love Aussie craft beer go to their events and share a drink with them.

Any brewery or venue wanting to take part can register here.

We’re running an Instagram competition again with prizes for the best photos tagged #CBR2015.

For those wanting to celebrate at home or who can’t get to an event, the guys at BeerBud have just what you need: a special Craft Beer Rising mixed case of 24 beers from all over Australia they’ll send to your door. Quote “CRAFTYPINT” when ordering via this link and receive a 10% discount too.

Don’t forget you can deck yourself out in a Craft Beer Rising t-shirt or hoodie via Red Bubble too.

Thanks to Bintani, Cryer Malt and Good Beer Week for supporting the event once more. Here’s to great beer!


We're inviting you to instagram an image that represents Craft Beer Rising for you. Simply tag your image with #CBR2015 and you could win yourself a prize.


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